Battery Pricing

Battery storage has come a long way in recent years, and has recently reached a tipping point for residential use. As prices continue to rise for grid energy, the demand for battery storage and greater energy independence is stronger than ever. The prices listed here should only be used as a guide, with Eko Energy providing you with a quote tailored to your situation and needs when you register.

The prices below represent packages inclusive of rooftop solar, a hybrid inverter, and a Redback battery system. If you already have battery-ready solar, other options are available and can be discussed with Eko Energy upon registration.


Battery Integrated Setups

5.5kW with 4.8kWh Battery $12,074.37
5.5kW with 7.2kWh Battery $13,983.37
5.5kW with 9.6kWh Battery $15,296.30
6.6kW with 4.8kWh Battery $13,031.94
6.6kW with 7.2kWh Battery $14,344.85
6.6kW with 9.6kWh Battery $15,657.75


Remember – the more people that take part in the Port Phillip Solar Bulk Buy, the more solar we'll donate to a local community group. Spread the word!

This program is a partnership between City of Yarra and the Yarra Energy Foundation. Eko Energy is the solar provider.