The table below outlines the pricing for the bulk buy, including GST and fees. It should be used as a guide only, with detailed and tailored quotes provided to each unique house upon registration. This program has been designed to be as transparent as possible, so if you have any questions about the prices listed here, please don't hesitate to contact YEF on 1300 866 634.

Three inverter options are offered through the Yarra Solar Bulk Buy: Solis, Fronius and SolarEdge. This is because different inverters are appropriate for different situations—for example, Fronius and SolarEdge are 'battery-ready' — meaning that if you want batteries at some point in the future, the system will be easily adaptable. When our solar and battery provider calls you to organise a quote, they will discuss these options with you.

Note that prices reflect the reduction of the Federal Rebate Small-Scale Technology Certificates.

Residents may also be eligible for Solar Victoria Rebates up to $2225 – read more about eligibility here.


Solar PV Systems

The prices below represent packages inclusive of rooftop solar, an inverter, installation, and GST. Your tailored quote may include extra fees for variations such as double story installs, but YEF is always on hand to talk through these costs and ensure transparency.


System Size   Inverter Brand   
(kW) Solis Fronius SolarEdge
3.3 $ 4,262

$ 4,857

$ 5,279
3.85 $ 4,510 $ 5,105 $ 5,658
4.4 $ 4,730 $ 5,462 $ 6,084
5.5 $ 5,531 $ 6,438 $ 7,090
6.6 $ 6,038 $ 6,902 $ 7,816



Battery Integrated Setups

The prices below represent packages inclusive of rooftop solar, a hybrid inverter, and a Redback battery system. If you already have battery-ready solar, other options are available and can be discussed with Eko Energy upon registration. You can find more information about batteries and if they are right for you here.


5.5kW with 4.8kWh Battery $12,074.37
5.5kW with 7.2kWh Battery $13,983.37
5.5kW with 9.6kWh Battery $15,296.30
6.6kW with 4.8kWh Battery $13,031.94
6.6kW with 7.2kWh Battery $14,344.85
6.6kW with 9.6kWh Battery $15,657.75


Remember – the more people that take part in the Yarra Bulk Buy, the more solar we will donate to a local community group. Spread the word!

This program is a partnership between City of Yarra and the Yarra Energy Foundation. Eko Energy is the solar provider.