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Deciding to go solar is an exciting step. However, learning about available options, and evaluating and purchasing a solar PV system is a complex task.

There are a lot of solar companies out there, and assessing trustworthy suppliers and appropriate products can be confusing and time consuming. With the assistance of the City of Yarra, Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF) carried out a rigorous tendering process to identify a preferred solar PV supplier through a competitive process.

YEF selected Eko Energy because this company:
- has extensive experience in community bulk buys, having acted as the supplier in over 200 across Australia
- has a strong reputation as  an experienced and responsible supplier of solar PV systems in the current market
- can deliver quality solar PV systems at a very competitive price within an acceptable timeframe
- offers other energy solutions, especially energy efficiency options, for those who want to go further
- has demonstrated an excellent customer service record

No company paid for the nomination to be considered or to become the preferred supplier. They have, however, met our strict selection criteria.

There is no obligation to participate in the solar program proposed by the City of Yarra and YEF.
It is up to you to review any offer and, if you agree to the terms:
- enter into a contract with the nominated solar PV supplier, Eko Energy
- review with the supplier any responsibilities around procurement, network connection approval, planning permits, extras and additional charges, and whether maintenance is included in their offer

The supplier will report to YEF on the number of households and systems installed and your increase in knowledge as part of the YEF project. YEF may seek your feedback concerning your experience.

By registering for this offer, I understand that:

1. I have the authority to request an assessment and installation of solar PV systems at the specified property.

2. YEF provided advice on the products and services of a solar PV panel installer and are not a party to any contract that I enter into with a supplier.

3. I have the ultimate responsibility for the decision to accept the supplier’s proposal. Upon signing a supplier agreement, my contractual rights and obligations are with the supplier.

4. YEF has no liability for any loss, damage or injury that may result from proceeding with the installation of solar PV panel systems, or for the content or accuracy of the information provided in YEF’s materials.

5. YEF makes no warranties about the supplier, its services or products, or about the information provided by the supplier. YEF has no liability for, and I release and forever discharge YEF in respect of any loss, liability or claim which is in any way connected to the products or services supplied by the supplier.

6. The preferred supplier has been reviewed for their suitability for residential projects, however they represent only a portion of the market. It is my responsibility to make a decision about available suppliers and perform my own due diligence in respect of my chosen supplier.

7. YEF is not liable should a supplier, their contractors or component manufacturers become insolvent and fail to deliver services or warranties.

8. YEF is not liable or responsible for any and all costs that may result from upgrading site infrastructure required to facilitate installation of a solar PV system. All analysis and costs associated with upgrading site infrastructure have been specifically excluded from solar neighbourhoods costing analysis.

9. YEF retains the rights to all intellectual property generated by undertaking its work.

10. I understand that for marketing purposes in relation to future initiatives, YEF may use the general data collected from my solar PV panel installation provided that information is de-identified so that it does not contain any personal information. YEF will not use any personal information for marketing purposes beyond referrals to Eko Energy.

11. I understand that the information I am submitting will be used by Eko Energy to contact me to arrange a site assessment, provide quotations, answer customer support questions, establish an agreement should I wish to proceed and arrange installation, and for other purposes associated with this solar offer.

12. I understand that my information may also be shared with subcontractors for the same or similar purposes, and to my energy retailer and distributor to facilitate processes associated with installation.

13. I understand that my information may also be shared with YEF for the purpose of communications regarding this program and the evaluation of this program.

Remember – the more people that take part in the Yarra Bulk Buy, the more solar we will donate to a local community group. Spread the word!

This program is a partnership between City of Yarra and the Yarra Energy Foundation. Eko Energy is the solar provider.